Brightens the skin, clears uneven complexion, reduces skin inflammation, Calms down the
skin, deeply soothes and nourishes the skin, has papaya and marshmallow as key ingredients
and has a deeply hydrating seed mask with a combination of 23 different seeds

Improves skin elasticity, Heals the skin, Maintains the pH level of the skin, formulated with
plant based, nutrient-dense sorrels and natural sugar derived prebiotic, helps to replenish
the skin by giving a healthy, firmer and glowing look

Has Vit. A, Vit .B, Vit. C etc…, having ginger and walnut as the key ingredients, it helps in
neutralizing uneven patches and hyper pigmentation and restores the radiant complexion
with the help of AHA based ingredients

Calms down redness and inflammation, reduces skin sensitivity, a highly therapeutic facial
that treats couperose and sensitive skin

Reduces hyper pigmentation and dark spots, lightens the skin complexion, is made up of a
unique combination of high-quality ingredients that work in synergy to provide a visible skin
lightening effect.

Hydrates the skin, instantly gives a tightening effect, restores the skin moisture, reduces the
appearance of fine lines, revitalises the skin complexion

filled with the goodness of seaweed, it is instantly refreshing and hydrating, leaves the skin
dewy and glowing, formulated with a proprietary laminaria digitata seaweed extract, extracts of aloe vera, rooibos tea, Licorice, horse chestnut and orange water

It is a deep cleansing and refining treatment that removes excess oil from the skin and controls acne caused by the excessive production of sebum, gives a bright and even toned appearance, has seaweed extracts, a synergistic tea blend, salicylic and kojic acids, willow bark, aloe and hyaluronic acid

Has a soothing effect on the skin, increases collagen production which gives a naturally lifted
appearance to the skin, helps the skin to be more luminous, rejuvenated and rested, formulated with camellia japonica seed oil, seaweed extract and other beneficial botanical ingredients

Fortified with glycolic acid (AHA), fruit acid, laminaria digitata seaweed filtrate and other botanicals, this helps to Improve the appearance of uneven and patchy skin, hydrates and refines the skin texture, ultimate solution for dull and sallow skin.

Reduces fine lines and wrinkles, helps fighting visible signs of premature ageing, improves skin firmness and clarity, helps in toning and firming the saggy skin and face contouring, the enzymatic micro peel present in it helps to uncover a more even toned complexion, filled with the benefits of pentapeptide and a cool spirulina seaweed mask that helps to make skin appear firmer and smoother

Filled with the goodness of vit A, vit B, vit C and multivitamins, it is a pH balancing facial that doesn’t dry out the skin and gives you naturally glowing skin

Reduces skin irritations and acne, makes the skin glow, minimises open pores and reduces ageing signs, contains Korean Cica, v-gem, glutathione and vit. C as key ingredients

Enriched with the benefits of argan oil, vit. C and hyaluronic acid, aids skin rejuvenation and gives you a fresh and healthy-looking skin

Cooling therapy facial enriched with vit. C and glutathione, works deep under the layers of skin and maintains the skin DNA structure, reduces acne, open pores and ageing signs, gives life to dull, dehydrated skin and makes the skin look plump and young

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